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Old Orchard

Neighborhoods Association

Discover information about current events and issues of concern for our area. OONA is a welcoming group of amazing people who love their neighborhood and want to see it continue to grow far into the future.  The neighbors involved with OONA extend beyond the “Old Orchard” neighborhood and include some of the surrounding neighborhoods like Indian Hills, that’s why we’re called Old Orchard Neighborhoods Association.  The views expressed on this site do not represent every person in OONA.  Anyone in the local area is welcome to attend and participate in the public meetings.

Upcoming meeting dates will be added to the Old Orchard events calendar which can be

found on this site's homepage HERE.

Do you know someone who prefers to receive information on paper instead of email?


Click here to send us their Name and Address and we'll provide them a paper copy of emails, flyers for upcoming meetings and similar information.


The Old Orchard Neighborhoods Association relies on membership dues to cover startup costs and to build a reserve for future initiatives. Joining is completely voluntary and not mandatory to attend meetings or share your thoughts or concerns about our amazing neighborhood. We welcome all who live in the area to attend and contribute to meetings. We are currently considering under which non-profit status OONA should organize, so at this point, dues are not tax deductible.

Please consider joining, your contributions are greatly appreciated! 


The Old Orchard Neighborhoods Association (OONA) is comprised of people who live in, and love Old Orchard and Indian Hills. The organization promotes a safe and vibrant community by engaging with residents, the city and entities that impact the neighborhoods. 

We do this by:

    •    Building interest of residents in the welfare of the neighborhoods
    •    Supporting improvement and beautification of the neighborhoods
    •    Creating awareness of issues that affect all residents of the neighborhoods
    •    Encouraging participation of residents in gatherings and initiatives
    •    Representing the neighborhoods and its residents in the greater Toledo community



  • Advocate for infrastructure improvement. 

  • Support development that is consistent with the neighborhood’s character. 

  • Encourage property upkeep to maintain the neighborhood’s integrity.

OONA Mission
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