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Zone Liaison Program

The Sustainability Committee is proud to introduce the Zone Liaison program. The program focuses on helping neighbors come together and build good relationships. A mailer was sent to all Old Orchard households on late 2021. Click on the images below to read more about this program. Thank you to the committee members for their hard work!

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Gateway Pillars

OONA has been envisioning ways to enhance our neighborhood with Gateway Pillars at Goddard Field and Kenwood Boulevard. The concept shown was prepared as an idea of what is possible. 


University of Toledo / Old Orchard Historic Front Yard Ideas

Great news for Old Orchard and The University of Toledo! Plans to enhance UT’s Historic Front Yard north of Bancroft have been well received by the members of the University’s master plan team! The conversation is beginning on how Old Orchard Neighborhoods Association (OONA) and UT can work together to design and execute more purposefully green space. Thanks to OONA’s leadership in designing concepts, meeting with the University, and advocating for a more beautiful neighborhood! Thanks to UT for being engaging and receptive.